Voluntary Control Room & Communication Support


Rain or shine, we are ready to use our time, skills and equipment to assist in the response to local emergencies.


Short and long-distance radio links can be set up quickly to provide timely information from remote locations.


We can swiftly deploy access to the internet and phone networks over resilient infrastructure almost anywhere.


Kent County Raynet helps hundreds of people raise money for charities by providing support to community events.

Our Latest News

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Close Up of Handheld Radios

Not Just Radio Amateurs

Raynet is steeped in history. It all began over 60 years ago with the terrible East Coast floods of 1953 with the need for information to passed quickly and accurately by radio amateurs.

Code on a computer screen

ChatOps and Kanban:
Issue Tracking & Logging

Kanban and ChatOps for a Modern Control Room This article describes the use of noticeboards – Kanban – a methodology to deliver efficient event management, notably for the LDWA 100 mile walk in May.