About Us

Raynet is steeped in history. It all began over 60 years ago with the terrible East Coast floods of 1953 with the need for information to passed quickly and accurately by radios. We exist because those first men and women gave up their time and radio skills to help save lives. Radios will always be a part of our toolkit. It's hard to not value the simplicity, portability and predictability of a radio link, but it's not the only useful line of communications when responding to today's issues.

We also have the talent and equipment to set up impromptu internet access, in the middle of a field, even if the mobile and landline telephones fail. We have successfully transmitted live video to those that need it, saving hours of misunderstandings when time is short. We can even supply real phones and Wi-Fi to village halls, car parks or even to tents in the middle of nowhere, enabling those who are sheltering there to make that all-important "don't worry, I'm safe" phone call or tweet reassurances to their friends and family.

We are happy to provide these solutions to emergency planners and community events, helping them to improve their safety and awareness at nominal and affordable fees. Email us at enquiries@kentraynet.org to discuss your requirements.