Volunteer with Us

Kent County Raynet is the premier voluntary team in the county helping to deliver communications during emergencies, and community events. Whatever your qualifications – and even if you have none – you’ll be warmly welcomed. We are dedicated to training members in technologies they are interested in. We also welcome people keen to pass on their knowledge and skills.

You do not need to hold an amateur radio licence to be a member. We would be very happy to help you gain one but it's entierly optional. We're a group of people with technical and other data handling skills that simply want to support our communities.

Apart from radios of all types we use various technologies including satellite broadband internet access, long range Wi-Fi and voice over IP telephones.

Kent County Raynet isn’t just about the installing and operating of technologies, it’s about getting information to the right people at the right time. For that we also need members who are great at organising, managing, communicating, fund-raising and other essential functions.

Our main reason for being is to help out in emergencies, providing essential links from temporary locations. But because these times are thankfully rare our members are keen to hone their skills by helping the community throughout the year.

Some of the most well-regarded events that take place in Kent couldn’t operate without our support. Our objectives – ensuring that updates are accurate, and that queries are swiftly handled – helps keep everyone safe and informed.

As one of the team you might be located in a control room, out in the field or even riding along in an official race vehicle. It’s all about sustaining vital links between an event’s staff, participants and management.

The information our team provides helps to avoid problems before they occur, and can literally save lives.

If you’ve read this far you’re probably just the person we are looking for and we’d love for you to make contact.

Simply email enquiries@kentraynet.org and we’ll put you in touch with your local group.